What Is the Pineapple Eating plan, and Really should You Try It?

When attempting to reduce body weight speedily, some folks transform to fad weight loss plans that assure speedy success working with questionable strategies.

These ideas are typically pretty small in calories, limit lots of balanced food items, and involve subsequent rigorous regulations, like eating only one particular foodstuff.

Even however any kind of reduced calorie diet regime can outcome in immediate fat reduction, there are significant fears with fad diet programs that encourage the use of avoidable — and even risky — policies.

The pineapple diet plan is a trend diet program that persons have utilized due to the fact the 1970s to lose excess system excess fat.

In this write-up, I demonstrate what the pineapple diet plan is and why it’s not a protected way to eliminate body weight.

The pineapple diet plan, also identified as the “Sexy Pineapple Diet program,” was made by a Danish psychologist named Sten Hegeler.

Hegeler and his spouse, Inge, revealed the book “The Sexy Pineapple Diet” in 1970. The diet plan promised to help persons trim down and enhance other elements of wellbeing, like sexual vitality.

The food plan is made up of ingesting practically nothing but pineapple for two days out of the week, then taking in generally for five days.

According to some resources, the program allows you to consume other foods throughout the 2 pineapple-only days, so prolonged as the food stuff offers less than 500 full calories (1).

Continue to keep in thoughts that the full e book is not obtainable to perspective on-line, and there is not a good deal of info out there concerning food items to take in, principles, duration of the diet program, and other recommendations.

In accordance to an interview with Hegeler, the food plan was not primarily based on any scientific evidence. The writer simply just liked pineapple, so he thought that developing a diet plan based mostly on consuming large amounts of pineapple was a excellent notion (1).

On-line sources declare that most individuals who observe this diet regime do so for 2–7 days, but some people today abide by the diet regime for many months until they attain their “goal” pounds.

In addition to the initial Captivating Pineapple Diet regime, there are other pineapple-dependent meal plans and “cleanses” promoted on the web that involve taking in very little but pineapple for 2–7 days.


The Alluring Pineapple Diet plan is a diet plan that endorses consuming practically nothing but pineapple for 2 days a 7 days. Other variations of the pineapple eating plan exist, each individual with its possess rules.

When pursuing the Alluring Pineapple Eating plan, you are going to eat practically nothing but pineapple for two days for every week. It is not apparent whether the times have to be consecutive.

On the other five days, you’ll try to eat usually. Yet again, particular recommendations from the guide are not offered, so it is not crystal clear what form of eating plan Hegeler suggested on the five non-pineapple times.

According to some resources, you are allowed to eat other foods all through the two pineapple days, but it’s not very clear which meals are allowed.

Some sources shared that if you are allergic to pineapple, the e book implies taking in fruits like apples, pears, or bananas as a substitute.

Other pineapple-based mostly options on the net advocate consuming food items like oats, yogurt, and lean proteins, additionally a great deal of pineapple.

Some rigid versions of the pineapple food plan involve feeding on practically nothing but pineapple for 2–7 days. These diet programs do not enable any other foods in addition to pineapple.

As you can see, there are several varieties of pineapple-centered weight loss plans and “cleanses” promoted on line, each with their personal principles and tips.


Depending on the form of pineapple diet program, the plan may well require ingesting practically nothing but pineapple for 2 to 7 times or eating a ton of pineapple combined with other very low calorie foodstuff like oatmeal and lean protein resources.

The Pretty Pineapple Diet program endorses having nothing at all but pineapple for two days a week. Nevertheless, some sources say that it makes it possible for for other minimal calorie foodstuff as effectively, however it’s unclear which food items are advised.

For the duration of the other five days of the week, a man or woman subsequent the Alluring Pineapple Food plan follows their normal diet program.

Other pineapple-centered fad diets propose consuming absolutely nothing but pineapple for two to seven times.

This implies that you can not eat any other food items apart from pineapple.

If you determine to comply with a person of these tremendous rigorous, pineapple-only options, you will be eating pineapple for breakfast, lunch, and supper.

Wholesome total foodstuff like eggs, greens, nuts, seeds, fish, and grains will be off-limits.


Relying on the sort of pineapple diet plan you comply with, you may perhaps only be authorized to eat pineapple for 2–7 times or to alternate days of only pineapple with times of usual taking in.

Taking in nothing at all but pineapple for two to 7 times is absolutely pointless for weight decline.

Of training course, limiting your calorie intake applying any strategy, which include harmful types, will market body weight loss.

For case in point, if you’re used to consuming 2,000 energy per working day and then comply with a 5-working day prepare that will involve having nothing at all but pineapple, you’ll be using in significantly fewer energy, which will produce a calorie deficit.

Just one cup (165 grams) of cubed pineapple delivers just 82.5 calories. Let us say you take in 6 cups (990 grams) of pineapple for each day — 2 cups (330 grams) at just about every meal. This equates to only 495 calories, which is exceptionally minimal (2).

When you are eating usually, a single food may possibly comprise 500 calories or extra, based on your vitality requires.

Any diet regime that appreciably cuts calories and generates an serious calorie deficit will induce fat decline (3).

Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that losing bodyweight employing these types of restrictive techniques is secure or successful for long-expression body weight upkeep.

Also, if you stick to a diet plan system that drastically cuts calories, you will virtually unquestionably acquire back any bodyweight you reduce as before long as you return to your usual dietary sample (4).

Journalists who tried out the Captivating Pineapple Food plan and documented the experience have dropped amongst 0–2.2 pounds (1 kg) in a week.

Even so, you can realize sustainable bodyweight decline making use of approaches that are truly based on scientific investigate and do not require taking in just 1 foods for a extended period of time of time.

And finally, there’s no proof that the Attractive Pineapple Diet — or any other pineapple-based trend eating plan, for that matter — is secure or powerful for pounds reduction.

Heleger, the diet’s creator, even admitted that the eating plan is not centered on any seem health-related suggestions. He made the program simply just due to the fact he appreciated taking in pineapple.


Any diet regime that appreciably cuts energy will develop a calorie deficit and endorse bodyweight decline. However, this isn’t a risk-free or sustainable way to eliminate pounds. You will possible regain the bodyweight when you return to standard feeding on habits.

It’s not likely that following the Alluring Pineapple Diet regime will end result in any substantial side outcomes if you stick to it for a 7 days. This is for the reason that the approach only restricts energy and food items on two days out of the week.

Scientific studies display that diet programs that drastically restrict energy for 2 days for every week, like the 5:2 method of intermittent fasting, can be safe (5).

But chances are you are going to be incredibly hungry, irritable, and exhausted on a trend eating plan like this just one. Journalists who experimented with the Sexy Pineapple Diet plan reported these thoughts when they documented their experiences.

Since pineapple is so acidic, it could possibly hassle your stomach, primarily if that’s all you’re consuming for an total day. You may perhaps come to feel nauseated or practical experience diarrhea.

If you are adhering to a strategy that entails taking in nothing but pineapple for 5 days or more time, you could knowledge facet outcomes like dizziness, passing out, headaches, hunger pains, sleeplessness, weak spot, and intense hunger (6).

Mainly because pineapple contains significantly less than a single gram of protein and unwanted fat for each cup (165 grams) and lacks numerous natural vitamins and minerals, like vitamin B-12 and vitamin E, your human body won’t be receiving the nutrition it requirements to purpose optimally (2).

In addition, lots of people consider protein to be the most filling macronutrient, so when you are not feeding on adequate amounts of protein, you will not experience whole (7).

Simply because pineapple is lacking in several vital nutrition, pursuing a program that consists of eating nothing at all but pineapple for for a longer time than a number of times can also place you at hazard for establishing a nutrient deficiency.

Also, it’s under no circumstances a great strategy to have interaction in these types of restrictive ingesting behavior. It could lead to lengthy-time period difficulties involving your marriage with your overall body and food stuff, including eating disorders.

For illustration, you may be frightened to resume ordinary feeding on routines right after ending a restrictive diet program like the Hot Pineapple Diet regime because you fear regaining the fat you missing.


Pineapple-based mostly fat reduction options can outcome in facet effects like extreme hunger, nausea, problems, and other uncomfortable side results. Adhering to a pineapple-only diet program lengthy-phrase can be unsafe and put you at hazard of building nutrient deficiencies.

You do not will need to adhere to any restrictive eating plan to shed pounds. It is not a excellent concept to comply with any food plan or cleanse that recommends substantially reducing calories, only consuming 1 foodstuff, or slicing out full food stuff groups.

Even though you might be tempted to attempt a diet plan that promises immediate bodyweight reduction, you can get rid of physique excess fat by subsequent safe and sound, proof-centered ideas that entail producing lengthy-term nutritional and lifestyle modifications that go away you emotion deprived.

If you want to get rid of pounds, it is ideal to create a modest calorie deficit by cutting out or cutting down your ingestion of sugary beverages, ultra-processed foodstuff like rapidly food items, and fried meals.

At the same time, make an effort to eat far more nutrient-dense meals, like greens and fruits.

Introducing a lot more protein and fiber into your eating plan is also a useful way to induce bodyweight reduction and sustain a healthier physique body weight, as meals loaded in these nutrients enable you truly feel whole and retain you satisfied among meals (8, 9, 10).

On top of that, getting more lively by engaging in typical bodily action can be helpful for endorsing excess weight reduction and can also make improvements to other facets of overall health, like cardiorespiratory health (11).

Bodyweight reduction isn’t normally straightforward and can acquire time. If you’re uncertain of where by to start on your excess weight reduction journey, take into account performing with a registered dietitian.

They can assist you produce a dietary pattern that will work ideal for your wants and that you can adhere to for lifestyle.


You do not want to observe any restrictive diet program to drop body weight. It’s not a fantastic concept to adhere to any diet program or cleanse that recommends substantially chopping calories, only ingesting one food items, or reducing out complete food stuff teams.

Like other trend meal plans, pineapple-dependent bodyweight decline plans — like the Alluring Pineapple Food plan — are not wholesome techniques to eliminate excess weight.

They include significantly proscribing energy and feeding on only pineapple for 2–7 times.

Not only are these solutions unnecessary for pounds decline, but they can consequence in unpleasant and even harmful facet outcomes.

When you are striving to lose body weight, it is greatest to keep away from pineapple-based mostly excess weight loss eating plans and other restrictive fad diet plans and rather concentrate on earning wholesome dietary and lifestyle modifications that can help encourage pounds reduction in a safe way.